Below is a list of our client testimonials, seminar kudos, and more!

  • Scott Holden, Chattanooga, TN.

    "This workshop will be probably the single most important thing I've done to invest in my company's future!".

  • Corey Wilhelm, Bismark, ND.

    "...develops a system to gain new customers... Thank you for bringing in some real training, not just ticks and tactics!"

  • Mark Roys, Sacramento, CA.

    "Sold 2 units the first night, highest efficiency!"

  • Mark Mauldin, Tacoma, WA.

    "Thanks again Jim for your outstanding personality and teaching skills. I look forward to sending the rest of our sales staff..."

  • Travis Seeger, St. Louis, MO.

    "Even after seeing this program 2 or 3 times in the past year, I still get new ideas and refresh old ones."

  • Dan James, Birmingham, AL.

    "This system can benefit all people related to this business."

  • Michael Freeman, Saint Louis, MO.

    "Jim, Thank you for conducting the CSS training in our Kentucky locations this week. I found the training to be very good. I liked that it was not product orientated but rather focused more on the sales process. I also thought the tools you provided the attendees were great."

    • Dean Synan, Phoenix, AZ

      "Jim Hinshaw is a great business person and mentor! Jim is full of integrity and is a man of his word! Very positive and an inspiration to be around. Jim will do the right thing and will treat you the way he would want to be treated. Jim has become a very trusted friend through many years of working together."