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Jonathan Hinshaw - Sunday, December 21, 2014
We just saw Wild, starring Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde, Walk the Line), laura Dern (Jurassic Park, the Fault in Our Stars), Thomas Sadoski (John Wick, Loser), and a load of hikers.  The movie is all about Reese who has had a meltdown after her mom passed.  She not only lost her mom, she begins to act out her frustration over life in general and her life specifically.  

She is married to Paul (Thomas), but sleeps around with any other man who looks at her.  Her involvement in a loose lifestyle gets her into drugs, real hard stuff, soon she is not only smoking heroin, but injecting it as well.  We see all this in flashbacks, her mom (Laura) getting ill, then dying of cancer; we see several one night stands and drug parties as she sinks lower and lower.  

She finally hits bottom, calls up a friend, meets for coffee, says she can’t do this anymore, and may be pregnant.  They go to a store to buy a pregnancy test kit, where she sees a brochure advertising a hiking trail, the PCT, the Pacific Crest Trail, about 1100 miles from the edge of Mexico to Oregon.  She decides to tackle it, to rediscover herself.  

One of the early scenes is when Reese arrives at the start of the trail, spends a night in a hotel before starting out.  She has a ton of stuff to get into her backpack, ends up with a huge load, almost more than she can lift.  In fact, she has a really hard time standing up, takes some thinking to get on her feet with this load on her back.  She hits the trail, makes it about 3 miles, stops to make camp, realizes she brought the wrong fuel for her stove, gonna be a long hike!

She hikes on, finding friendly people along the way, people who help her get the right fuel for her camp stove, even new boots.  The first shot in the movie is when she takes off her too-small boots, has a big toe that has a toenail that is ruined.  She pulls it off!  Some pretty impressive work, that starts an opportunity which results in her having to be really resourceful.  She is.  

She encounters snakes, rain, threatening hunters, equipment that is not right, a lot of opportunities over a 100 day hike.  We enjoyed the movie, but we got to see a lot more of Reese than we ever have before.  There is open nudity, sex and drug usage.  Not your mom’s movie.  Not one to see with your mom.  We’ll go with 2.5 campsites.

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