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The Revenant

Jonathan Hinshaw - Sunday, January 10, 2016

Watched the Revenant, starring Leonardo Dicaprio (The Departed, Inception), Tom Hardy (Inception, Mad Max Fury Road), Domhnall Gleeson (Unbroken, Ex-Machina),  and Will Poulter (Maze Runner, We’re the Millers).

Probably one of the more intense movies we have ever seen.  Leonardo is a scout working with the military in the 1820’s.  It is based on the true story of Hugh Glass, who was attacked by a bear, left for dead, and crawled back to life, traveled over 200 miles to get back to the fort.  They are on a patrol trying to get back to the fort with a bunch of fur pelts, when attacked by indians.  So how much does Leonardo go thru?  It is unbelievable, he is attacked by a huge bear, mauled and ripped all over, almost killed.  Now, he is laying on the forest floor, actually under the 800 lb bear, bleeding from his shoulders, back, neck, everywhere!  The soldiers show up and try to sew him up, no antiseptic, no painkillers, it is a rough patch.  So then the military group he was working with try to carry him out, but the snow covered hills prove really tough to get over carrying an extra guy.  They have a problem.

The company commander decides to leave him behind, since he was almost dead anyway.  He tells the group, if anyone volunteers to stay with him and gives him a decent burial, he would get paid $300, a big sum in those days.  One of the team who decide to stay with him is Tom Hardy, a nasty fellow who cannot be trusted.  He shows his bad side in a very terrible way.  Will Poulter also volunteered to stay with him, a gentle soul who is manipulated by Tom. 

So Leonardo is bear mauled, left for dead, buried alive, jumped into a river in freezing weather, went over a series of waterfalls, almost starves to death, got chased by French soldiers and Indians, falls off a cliff, and more than you can imagine.  He literally crawls for miles, not even able to walk on his own.  He spends days on the run, no food, no weapons, he is a survivor against all odds.  Not to mention the fact he is filled with infection from the bear attack, not a bandage available for over 200 miles.     

We see a lot of blood and mayhem, when those Indians attack, it is really graphic.  When the bear attacks, it feels like it goes on for 45 minutes.  While in that area, the bear is not real bear, it is CGI.  They put Leonardo on a sled, series of wires pull him thru a forest of rubber trees, moved him rather violently, the bear is added in later.  Between stunt doubles and the computer, he was not harmed in any way.   The movie is long, goes over 2.5 hours, perhaps it could have been shortened, ya just wanted to see what was going to go wrong next. 

Lots of snow, blood, narrow escapes.   Movie is somewhat depressing, it never gives up.  We will go with 3 flint long rifles, mostly due to Leonardo’s acting, he was excellent.

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