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The Martian

Jonathan Hinshaw - Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Just saw a great movie, The Martian, starring Matt Daymon (Bourne movies, Saving Private Ryan), Kristin Wiig (Bridesmaids, Secret Life of Walter Mitty), Jeff Daniels (Dumb and Dumber 1 & 2), Michael Pena (Shooter, Fury), Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings 1 & 2), and Kate Mara (Shooter, Iron Man 2).

It was based on a book by the same title, the movie moves fast, not a down moment in the 2+ hour show.  Jessica is the commander of a team that has landed on Mars for exploratory work.  A huge dust storm comes up, begins to tilt their ship and they have to abort, fly out.  As they are climbing aboard, Matt is hit by debris, they think he is dead, cannot find him to confirm, have to leave now!

We all know he is not dead, we watch as he awakens a couple of days later, he realizes he is now marooned on a planet that is about a year away from earth, that is if a new ship was ready and could leave that day, which ain’t happening. 

Jeff Daniels is head of NASA, Kristin is his next in command.  Sean Bean is in charge of the mission to mars team, Kate Mara and Michael Pena are on the ship headed back to earth with Jessica. 

A low grade tech watching the satellite images from Mars sees the Mars rover has moved, she freaks out, brings a group to see what is going on a long way away.  Jeff doubts it, even as he sees the rover moved.  They finally come to the decision that Matt may actually be alive, living in the shelter the team left behind in their escape.  We see Jeff make a decision about trying a rescue mission.  He is concerned about the possibility of losing the other 5 team members trying to save Matt.  It gets pretty dramatic as we see two sides clash on what would be the best choice. 

We watch as Matt understands his situation, he is alone, but has supplies for 6 to live on.  Doing the math is frustrating, once he realizes he will run out of food in a few months.  So he has to grow his own food, on a planet that has mostly sand and no water.  No hill for a climber!  Won’t give away the details, but he is really a creative and resourceful guy.  Botanist by trade, he makes things happen.  And then the setbacks occur.  He is alone on a planet that does not usually support life, and he soon discovers why.  Storms, equipment malfunctions, lack of supplies, it all takes a toll on his attitude and mental health. 

But then there is an ray of sunshine, light at the end of the tunnel, all those sayings put together.  He finds a way to communicate with earth, understands they have not told the rest of the crew he is still alive, and the rescue will not happen in time.  He goes through ups and downs, similar to Gravity and Sandra Bullock. 

Not gonna go any farther, just will let you know this is one of the best movies we have seen this year, maybe in a couple of years.  May and I both liked it, 4.5 orbits.  

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