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The Accountant

Jonathan Hinshaw - Monday, October 17, 2016

We have a new Action Hero, similar to Matt Daymon when he kicked off the Bourne franchise.  We just saw The Accountant, starring Ben Affleck (Gone Girl, The Town), Anna Kendrick (Up in the Air, Pitch Perfect), J. K. Simmons (Spiderman, Whiplash), Jon Bernthal (Wolf of Wall Street, Fury), Jeffrey Tambor (The Hangover, Arrested Development), John Lithgow (Interstellar, 3rd Rock from the Sun-TV), Jean Smart (Sweet Home Alabama, Garden State), and Cynthia Addai-Robinson (Star Trek Into Darkness, Colombiana).  

Ben comes from a military family, they discovered soon after his birth he had the symptoms of autism.  He was good with puzzles, but would not make eye contact.  Had temper tamtrums, lights and sounds were tough on him.  His dad was afraid he would be bullied in school, so he had physical trainers and martial arts masters work with both his sons for years.  We see Ben later as an accountant, in fact a very good accountant.  He took his skills with math and made a successful career.  In fact, so successful, people who made lots of money needed his services.  People who needed to move lots of money under the radar, people who handle large sums of cash and don't want to pay taxes, get the picture.  

Ben has a small office, but a really great Airstream trailer with a couple of very valuable paintings, a signed light saber from Star Wars, signed by George Lucas himself.  And lots of cash.  Tons of it. Paper and gold, collectible comic books, he has it all.  So he gets a lead on an interesting job, a robotics company, owned by John Lithgow.  He is missing some money, not sure how, his sister (Jean Smart) runs the accounting department, she decides they need outside assistance.  They agree to provide any records needed, he says he needs past 15 years of bank statements and tax records.  Jean has Anna Kendrick pull all that together in one night.  Ben works througn the next night, finds $61 million was pulled out through some creative accounting.  Then it gets ugly.  Bad guys come in to talk to the CFO, who dies from an Insulin overdose the next night.  Lithgow sends Ben away, pays him for his time, says he does not want to know any more.  

At the same time, J.K. Simmons is a treasury agent working on international cartels moving money and killing people all across the world.  He is getting ready to retire, finds out one of his staff (Cynthia) lied on her application, tells her to find out who the accountant is that is helping these bad guys.  So we have a investigation closing in, and when the $61 million is turned up missing, the bodies begin to pile up.  Jon Bernthal is a good bad guy, he makes things happen to hide missing money and makes sure the people involved are not around to talk to the feds.  Goes after Ben and Anna, a couple of loose threads.  Turns out Ben mastered the art of weapons as well aw marital arts.  He knows his way around a Barrett 50 Cal, and uses it with skill.  The Airstream has more than just money in it, lots of firepower as well.  

We end up with a fantastic show-down between Ben and Jon, and about a dozen other bad guys.  This movie never failed to impress, Anna has notched up her resume past the "Pitch Perfect" scene.  Both her and Ben do an excellent job, and what a twist at the end.  We'll go with 4 Barrett sniper rifles!  

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