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St. Vincent

James Hinshaw - Saturday, October 25, 2014

Just saw another good movie, St. Vincent, Starring Bill Murray (Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters), Melissa McCarthy (The Heat, Mike and Molly-TV), Naomi Watts (The Impossible, King Kong), Chris O'Dowd (Bridesmaids, Thor), Terrence Howard (Iron Man, Prisoners), Jaeden Lieberher (Playing It Cool, Grief), and Kimberly Quinn (TV actress, Law and Order, Terriers). 

The last Bill Murray movie we could remember was Groundhog Day, actually we do recall Lost In Translation with Scarlett Johansson, just no details.  Groundhog Day has Bill replaying a very long day over and over, brings back some of his quick wit and sarcasm we enjoyed in Ghostbusters, Stripes, and of course Caddy Shack.  But I digress.  Here Bill plays a worn out Vietnam Vet who has a financial problem made worse by a drinking problem.  Melissa moves in next door with the best son ever, played by Jaeden.  Naomi Watts plays a pregnant stripper who is Bill's main squeeze, or as he calls her, a lady of the night. 

So Melissa and her son are running away from a failed marriage (her husband cheated apparently several times), moved to a new town, new job, new school.  It doesn't go so well with the son and the new school.  He ends up staying with Bill a few days while his mom has to work overtime.  Bill takes him to the horse races, bars, all the places a young man should not be going.  Of course they get busted, Bill is such an angry man he takes it all in stride, never showing any remorse, not an apology of any kind. 

So you think this is just another story of a gruff old guy who finally gets his just dues, you will be surprised.  Terrance Howard plays a loan shark who is Bill's main source of funds.  Bill plays the horses a lot, and is not that good at it.  Terrance comes by to collect, it goes downhill from there. 

Here is where I will stop, cause any more would give up a bunch of info that really made the movie great.  Trust me, Bill is excellent, he, Naomi and Melissa have such a dynamic as they try to sort out life when it seems like life is punishing them. 

May and I liked it as much as any Bill Murray movie, maybe more than most.  It has funny moments, but it is not billed as a comedy.  Rather a story of how we get thru the ups and downs of this thing we call life.  4 long shots at the track.   

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