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Patriots Day

Jonathan Hinshaw - Thursday, January 26, 2017

Watched Partriots Day starring Mark Wahlberg (Lone Survivor, Shooter), John Goodman (10 CLoverfield Lane, Flight), Kevin Bacon (Apollo 13, Footloose), J. K. Simmons (Spiderman, Whiplash) and Alex Wolff/Themo Melikidze as the brothers who did the bombing. 

Great movie, Mark W turned it down originally, but after reading the script he realized he was the perfect one to do the movie, growing up in Boston and all.  This is based on the true story of the Boston marathon bombing from 2013, where three people died from the blasts and policeman died when he was shot by the bombers. 

Movie starts out with several people who are running going about their day before the race starts.  Mark W. is an police officer who is working the marathon, something he is not thrilled with but seems like he is being punished for a minor infraction of official policy.  John Goodman is the Boston Police commissioner, he is there to irritate Mark, make sure he is working his assigned area. 

When the bombs go off, it is loud and quick, and gruesome.  Lots of close-ups of legs broken up, or missing, bodies scattered around, it is a realistic terrorist scene.  Chaos happens, husbands and wives are taken to separate hospitals, ambulances are in short supply, the police are trying to see if more bombs are set while they are also trying to control the crowds.  It is a mess. 

Mark and John Goodman are running back and forth, when Kevin Bacon appears on the scene with a large group of Feds.  He is the local FBI chief, and he calls the attack terrorism, which puts him in charge.  The mayor wants the bad guys found, the FBI calls in Mark to share where the surveillance cameras may be on the route around the bombings.  They begin the process of reviewing thousands of minutes of footage, finally find a bad guys, track them from place to place.  Get a couple of photos of these guys, the mayor wants them televised, Kevin says he wants to wait, since there is no proof yet.  A local TV show lets them know they will show them in just a few minutes if Kevin won’t do it.  He caves, rolls out the photos. 

Three of the bombers friends are playing video games, discover bomb making supplies in the closet of one of the bombers.  They decide not to go public, cover it up.  Bad decision.  The bombers decide to make a run for it, car jack a Mercedes, take the owner on a fast ride.  They are soon discovered; police track them in to a side street where they have a shoot out.  Actually, not a shoot out, rather a bomb out.  These guys have a large assortment of handmade bombs, and the police soon find themselves out bombed.  One terrorist is taken out, the other gets away.    Soon the whole city is locked down hunting for this guy. 

The end is already known, but is still exciting.  J. K. Simmons and Mark both play a part in bringing these guys down.  The end credits show the actual police and FBI involved, it was well done.  We’ll go with 4 pressure cookers.      

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