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Movie Reviews: Nine

James Hinshaw - Saturday, January 02, 2010

If you are new to my reviews, here is how they work.  I have the movies the actors are best know for, at least in my humble opinion, in (), and then I rate the movie with so many things out of a total of 5.  For a flic to get 5, it is stunning.  Think Titanic, or Gump, that sort of movie.  And I rate them with things that are appropriate to the movie.  Science fiction will be 3 phasers, lawyer movies are 4 depositions, that sort of thing. 

We just had to see Nine, starring Daniel Day Lewis (There Will Be Blood, Gangs of New York), Penelope Cruz (Sahara, Captain Corelli's Mandolin), Marion Cotillard (Public Enemiew, A Very Long Engagement), Sophia Loren (Houseboat, Grumpier Old Men), Fergie (the rock star), Nicole Kidman (Australia, Stepford Wives), Kate Hudson (Fool's Gold, Bride Wars), and finally Judi Dench (Quantum of Solace, Pride and Prejudice).  Wow.  By the pound, never has been a movie with more "A" listers. 

So this the story line.  Nine is a remake of a movie from the 70s, Frederico Fellini's 8½.  Which was about making a movie.  We see the lead, Daniel, as a movie maker who has had better days.  He has announced a new movie, has a title, Italia, but no script or idea of what it is about.  So he tries bringing in his muse, Nichole Kidman, to help with the creative process.  And he brings in his mistress, Penelope, to help with the creative process.  His wife shows up to... you get the idea.  In the middle of all this, Kate plays a newspaper writer who wants to get a scoop, and will do what ever it takes. 

Daniel has a problem, and I am not referring to the lack of a script.  He just can't stay away from the women.  Sophia Loren plays his mom, she is excellent.  Still a great stage presence.  Marion Cotillard plays the long suffering wife, who knows about the other women, but still loves him.  Judi Dench is the costume designer who tries to keep the show moving along.  Now, you have probably never heard Judi sing AND dance.  It is worth the price of admission for that alone.  She really is good. 

I should have told you sooner, it is a musical.  Along the lines of Chicago.  We got to see Richard Gere sing and dance in that one, this is just as good.  For a movie with no special effects, this one is very entertaining.  We actually liked the singing and dancing a little better here, it was done well.  We'll go with 3.5 takes. 
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