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Fate of the Furious

Jonathan Hinshaw - Monday, April 24, 2017

The Fate of the Furious (number 8 in the series!) was a good movie, starring the usual gang from the earlier movies: Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Kurt Russell, Nathalie Emmanuel, and introducing for the first time Charlize Theron (Prometheus, Mad Max) as a bad person, and Scott Eastwood (Fury, Suicide Squad) as a good person. 

The gang has sorta split up after the death of Paul Walker, Vin and Michelle are now married, on their honeymoon in Cuba.  Enter Charlize, who plays an anarchist with an idea to bring the global powers to their knees.   She needs Vin’s help, and he is not easy.  So she finds a weakness and exploits it, seems like he has gone rogue.  Dwayne (The Rock) and Jason are still the best of enemies, but for now are united against the bad woman.  Kurt Russell has brought them together again, he now has a helper in Scott Eastwood, yep, Clint’s son.  Does a pretty good job as a newby, the acting was based on real life!

We first find the Rock and Jason thrown into prison, and a massive riot occurs, put together by Kurt, Mr. Nobody.  Of course our boys get out, threatening each other with slow death once the escape gets behind them.  Fun watching those boys get after it. 

Back to Vin and Michelle in Cuba.  We move from Cuba to Germany where Kurt Russell has the team steal a Electro Mechanical Bomb sort of thing that wipes out all electrical devices for miles.  Vin takes it for himself, off to streets of New York, where Vin has to steal a brief case from a Russian, a brief case with some really valuable stuff in it.  He has a Dodge Demon with lots of horsepower.  At one point one of his team says it has over 1000 hp, another team member says closer to 2000.  Not sure, but it is one powerful car.  So the cars are an important part, but the movie has other attributes as well.  Like how the team is amazed that Vin has turned traitor. 

There is an iconic scene in New York where the team has Vin surrounded, massive cables attached to his Dodge, holding him in place in an intersection.  True to form, he busts out, ruining several nice cars in the process, uses all of his 2000 hp!  We see this along with Charlize ability to do a zombie move on most of the cars in New York, causing a traffic jam.  Girl is talented.   

Then we switch continents to the Barents Sea, a frozen wasteland occupied by a Russian sub base now controlled by Charlize.  Here is where the true fun begins, and the laws of physics are thrown out!  We have Lambos, Rhinos (real SUV, Google it!), SUVs, Dodges all racing across this frozen tundra with a sub and tanks chasing them down.  At one point a torpedo is launched, the Rock saves the day and changes the course of that device in an incredible way.  Won’t go any farther, wait, one more neat scene.  Jason is on an airplane with a baby he is trying to protect, he takes out about 15 bad guys and manages to keep the baby safe and smiling, some good work on both fronts.  

We had lots of neat cars, at least one tank, explosions galore, an old sub, a new plane, loyalties shifted and tested, some serious friendship testing, and of course, a 68 Charger!  On ice.  Lot going on here.  Go with 3.5 Dodge 1000+ hp hot rods.       

And for those of you who are keeping count, there are 2 more F/F movies to come, they are filming the #9 right now.  Same team, mostly.  

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