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Dumb and Dumber to/Horrible Bosses 2

Jonathan Hinshaw - Saturday, November 29, 2014

So this is a double movie review, Dumb and Dumber To and Horrible Bosses 2, cause they are both worthy of a half review.  Dumb and Dumber To (D&D) is Jim Carrey (D&D 1, Ace Ventura), Jeff Daniels (D&D 1, Newsroom-from TV), Kathleen Turner (Romancing the Stone, 1&2), and Rob Riggle (Hangover, 21 Jump Street).  Lots of others, but these were the key parts.

So it has been 20 years since D&D 1, and these guys are still at it.  It opens with Jim C in a mental hospital, where Jeff comes to see him every day for the last two decades.  Won't spoil it, but they move from the hospital to the same apartment they shared 20 years ago, and find out that Jeff has a bad kidney, and a daughter he did not know about.  Jim sees a photo and falls in love, they are off to find her.  First they have to find the mom, played by Kathleen.  She runs a mortuary, and has put the daughter up for adoption years ago.  Turns out she was adopted, by a very wealthy couple, the husband is in ill health, the wife is younger and has a man servant who (Rob Riggle) is a close friend, real close.  

So of course they are trying to catch up to the daughter, while Rob is trying to kill them and the father, ending up with a ton of money from the widow.  Jim and Jeff take off on a cross country trip, ending up in a huge Science expo, where Jim pretends to be a famous scientist.  A real stretch.  

Lots of sexual innuendoes, short laughs, some stupid stuff, they fit the title well.  we will go with 2.5 flashbacks, the first was better.  

Now, the Horrible Bosses 2, starring Jason Bateman (HB1, Arrested Development-from TV), Jason Sudeikis (HB1, We're the Millers), Charlie Day (HB1, Pacific Rim), Jennifer Anniston (HB1, We're the Millers), Kevin Spacey (HB1, American Beauty), Jamie Foxx (HB12, Ray), Chris Pine (Star Trek, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit), and Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained, Inglourious Bastards).  These are the same guys (Jason, Charlie and Jason) who were so frustrated by their bosses (Kevin, Jennifer and Colin Farrell) that they decided to kill them.  Did not work, but the end result was the Kevin Spacey goes to prison for murdering Colin.  This movie opens the three heroes inventing a "shower buddy" attachment to the shower head that dispenses soap, shampoo, etc.  They hook up with Waltz and his son Chris Pine to sell these items for them.  Waltz orders 100,000 and then cancels the order the day they are able to deliver.  He intends to swindle them out of the company.  They talk to Kevin in prison, he calls them idiots, they hatch a plan to kidnap Pine, hold him for ransom.  

Since they have never done that before, they of course turn to Jamie Foxx, their consultant in the first movie.  He helps them with a kidnap scheme, it seems to make sense.  We also have Jennifer with her over-the-top sexed dentist, she plays the same character.  We heard some funny lines, but mostly we heard vulgar language, words for body parts of both men and women.  Almost every word.  Not just sprinkled in, they were the script.  

So we see another police chase scene that defies logic, and another shooting that you could see coming 4 hours earlier.  All in all, a disappointment.  We'll go with 2.5 ransom notes.   

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