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Clash of the Titans

Mike Hinshaw - Friday, April 23, 2010

This month I saw a good movie, one that has had a lot of publicity, and a re-make from 1981.  Clash of the Titans, stars Sam Worthington (fresh off of Avatar, Terminator Salvation), Liam Neeson (Taken, Batman Begins), Ralph Fiennes (The English Patient, Red Dragon) and Gemma Arterton (Quantum of Solice).  Almost a copy of the 1981 movie with Harry Hamlin, just better computer monsters.  No stop-action this time.  The story is one of good and evil, Neeson is Zeus, the good god.  Ralph Fiennes is Hades, sort of clear what he is all about.  Perseus is played by Sam, he is the child of a human and a god, sort of in-between both worlds.   Perseus floats up to the ocean surface, is rescued by a fisherman and his family.  He grows up and becomes a strapping young man, not sure of his destiny.  When his family is killed while watching a group of humans revolting against the gods, he is sucked into the battle.  Hades makes a rather spectacular entrance, and of course, wipes out the puny humans, not a real fair fight.  

We get to see Perseus rescued again at sea, this time by a band of warriors who are still thinking of overthrowing the god-system of worship.  As they are discussing how to take on these gods, Hades appears again, and takes out the king and queen, leaving a beautiful princess as the last in line for the throne.  So this is a story of men against kings, kings against the gods.  Good versus evil.   The real issue is if they don’t appease Hades, he will release THE KRAKEN.  Sort of a threat.  The Kraken is a monster created by Hades to wreak havoc on the human race.  It is kept in the underworld, takes both Zeus and Hades together to release him.  
So Sam goes forth to not only rescue the fair maiden, but to save the planet from the Kraken.  There are battles with giant scorpions, weird looking old petrified people, and a great battle with Medusa, the snake headed woman.  You remember, if she looks at you, you turn into stone.  Kind of like Lot’s wife looking back at Sodom and Gomorrah, and the pillar of salt.  The computer created graphics are excellent, at least I think it was done with computers.  This woman moved fast, pretty sure it was not a girl in a snake suit, about 40 feet long.  With snakes for hair.  
But that is not why you want to see this movie.  From the very beginning, we hear rumors of a giant beast, the Kraken.  We actually saw one in Pirates of the Caribbean, it had tentacles and a big mouth.  Johnny Depp faced it down, did a pretty good job.  This Kraken was bred specifically to handle uprisings from the people, to teach them a real lesson.  We are taunted by warnings of the Kraken for ¾ of the movie, it is finally released in the last 20 minutes.  Is it worth the wait?  Sorta.  Would have liked more Kraken action, sort of a disappointment.  But we take what we can get, it is a pretty nifty monster, as Kraken-type monsters go.  Perseus is involved in the final battle, won’t tell you what happens but worth the wait.   
Mike and I went, May is not fond of that sort of movie.  We were able to go and be entertained, it was the kind of movie we did not have to think about plots, sub-plots, interconnecting stories, just watch the battles unfold.  So we gave it 3 Pegasus.  Yes, the flying horse, plays a role in the movie.  3 out of 5 ain’t bad.  Snake lady and Kraken carried it.    

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