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Captain America: Civil War

Jonathan Hinshaw - Sunday, June 05, 2016

Just saw Captian America: Civil War, starring Chris Evans (Avengers, Captain America),  and the following who were in the Avengers movies: Robert Downey Jr. , Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Mackie, Don Cheadle, Jeremy Renner,  Sebastian Stan, Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen, and Emily Van Camp (from Revenge TV show), Paul Rudd (Ant Man), Tom Holland (new Spiderman, In the Heart of the Sea), Daniel Bruhl (Inglourious Basterds, Rush),  and Chadwick Boseman (Gods of Egypt, 42).  We also had William Hurt (The Incredible Hulk, A History of Violence).

This movie got some great reviews and for good reason.  It starts out fast, the Avengers on a mission in some foreign country, trying to catch the Winter Soldier, Sebastian Stan (from the first Captain America movie, he was Chris Evans friend in the war, looks like he went over the bad side) who has stolen a vial of deadly germs.  There is the mandatory attack on a building that can’t be penetrated, but the bad guys find a way.  Then we see the Avengers go after the bad guys with all sorts of action.  Frantic chase scenes, Scarlett and Mackie are chasing these guys all through a crowded marketplace when things go wrong.  Elizabeth Olsen uses her witch powers to stop a suicide bomber, but it goes bad, some collateral damage. 

From this opening scene we find the Avengers in a pickle.  The United Nations wants the Avengers to be under their direction, answering to a 173 nation protocol, telling them when they can go after bad guys, and for how long.  The political machine run by William Hurt wants them to be governed by the Hero Registration Act, limiting their powers and actions.  Robert Downey Jr. understands the opportunity, agrees to the accord.  Soon we see the avengers divided: Robert, Scarlett, Paul Bettany, Don Cheadle, and Chadwick (playing the Black Panther, a new villain)  on one side, they agree with the UN directive.  Chris, Mackie, Elizabeth, Sebastian, Jeremy and Ant Man on the other, think it is a bad idea.  Both sides think they are in the right; it is a conflict of passion. 

In the midst of all this we have  Chadwick (the Black Panther) pursuing Winter Soldier, to avenge his father’s death.  Winter Soldier (from the last Captain America movie is a man-machine hybrid, steel arm, really fast guy who is unstoppable.  Turns out the Winter Soldier was being controlled by Bruel, who is a real enemy, working both sides against each other. 

Be aware, lots of explosions, right from the start.  Lots of folks being killed, in the most violent ways.   Lots of back stories, turns out there were more than one Winter Soldier, that program had legs.  And not only the UN wants the Avengers controlled, but so does William Hurt, playing the Secretary of State, who has the power to lock them up. 

We have twists and turns, turns out Paul Bettany plays a computer generated entity that does have powers after all, but only answers to Robert.  There is some fun when Robert goes into New York City to recruit Spiderman, a young boy named Parker.   Not much romance here, but lots of emotions, as we had friends fighting friends. 

We enjoyed the movie, if you like action, this one delivers.   Over two hours long, and no breaks for popcorn, stay focused, there is a lot going on here.  We will give it 4 Heroes, 4 out of 5 is great movie material.  

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