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Alien: Covenant

Jonathan Hinshaw - Sunday, May 21, 2017

So this is another Alien movie, about the 6 in the series.  We had 4 with Aliens in the title, then we went back to the beginning with Prometheus, now we are 10 years later, but still before Sigourney lights up the screen with the original, which came out in 1979.  This one stars Michael Fassbender (Prometheus, X-Men, 1st Class), Katherine Waterson (Steve Jobs, Inherent Vice), Billy Crudup (Almost Famous, Watchmen), and Danny McBride (This is the End, Eastbound and Down).  We have another space ship with 2000 colonists on board, traveling to a far planet, when they run into a space storm.  Saw this in Passengers.  Fassbender plays the android who runs the ship, wakes up the crew to help with repairs.  The captain dies, we have a new captain played by Crudup, who is a man of faith (as shared by the crew).  He is not sure of his ability, but jumps in to help guide them to the new planet.  But soon after the storm, they hear a radio transmission, a John Denver song!  

They investigate, find a planet that seems to be perfect: gravity similar to earth, air they can breathe, vegetation, and a guy singing John Denver songs.  What could go wrong?  Well, when they land, realize this is not paradise after all.  We find small eggs that when stepped on give off spores that are toxic.  So a couple of our team get involved with these spores, you know where this is going.  And of course, one of them gets back on the small landing ship, things go south fast.  Waterson comes out as the lead Alien fighter, similar to Sigourney back in the day.  Danny McBride is now on the main ship orbiting above, not able to help much, but listening as the horror unfolds down below.  Enter Fassbender as another android who has been running this planet for years, sort of an android brother.  Just looks a little different, and has a whole new attitude on what his job is.  

They land, find all sorts of dead and fossilized bodies scattered all over the landscape, it would cause me to question why they should be there at all.  But turns out they have a new set of problems, new monsters with tails, called Neomorphs who move just as fast as the Aliens.  And we have the face huggers back, nasty creatures, exploding chests are the direct result of contact with these buggers.  Of course we have our Alien, long head and multiple jaws, who climb anything and can rip open a space shuttle, causing lots of commotion.  

As you may have guessed, the two Fassbenders get into an argument, fun watching them fight to the death.  there is a twist at the end that you could see coming from about an hour away, but still well done.  We have the obligatory shower scene, couple getting frisky, then couple getting interrupted by a long tentacle.  We have Waterson and McBride running all over the ship with Fassbender guiding them along (Where is the life form?  He is right above you!).  Lot going on here, so it is not exactly new landscape, but couple of new twists, and a good prequel.  Go with 3 Life Forms, lots of blood, some nudity, violence abounds.            

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