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10 Cloverfield Lane

Jonathan Hinshaw - Sunday, March 20, 2016

Just saw a scary movie.  Not a horror film, rather a “wow, that spooked me” type of movie.  Lots of twists and turns, not sure where it was going type film.  10 Cloverfield Lane starring John Goodman (Flight, Trouble with the Curve), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Final Destination 3, The Thing-2011), John Gallagher Jr. (Jonah Hex, The Newsroom-TV series),  and Bradley Cooper as Mary Elizabeth’s boyfriend (voice only). 

Movie starts out with Mary Elizabeth leaving Bradley.  She is on a road trip down south when she is in a violent wreck, car flies off the road, knocked unconscious.  Wakes up chained to a bed in a small room, no idea where or why.  Enter John Goodman, playing an over-the-top prepper who tells her the world above the bunker is destroyed, due to some sort of attack from Russia or outer space, he is not specific.   He lets her know they may be there 1-2 years.  He has done a great job, lots of food, water, dvds, everything needed for a long stay. 

Mary Elizabeth is not convinced, wants to see outside.  He takes her up to the outer door, which has three locks, she sees nothing unusual.  Mary Elizabeth keeps hearing sounds from outside her room, finally realizes there is another person kept in the bunker, John Gallagher Jr, who worked on the construction of the place, fought his way in.  He confirms there is a problem outside, not sure who is to blame. 

John and Mary form a sort of relationship, realizing Goodman has gone overboard on them, they try to see how to escape.  At one point Mary Elizabeth makes it up to the outside door, sees a woman trying to get in.  The woman has burns of some kind all over her face, not sure why, but it does seem to confirm something is going on out there. 

They all pass the time playing games, John has his daughter’s old clothes he gives to Mary Elizabeth, weeks go by.  At one point the ventilation system goes down, Goodman asks (tells) Mary Elizabeth she is the only one who can fix it.  She has to climb through the ductwork, restart the fan to get them fresh filtered air.  John and John are too big to fit, so she is the one to crawl to the fan.  She does it, but finds more clues of earlier problems with previous bunker tenants, comes back more determined than ever to escape.

Any more will be considered spoilers, so you just have to go see it for yourself.  Realize it is a plot twister of a movie, you will need to wait to the last scenes to see how this plays out.  Is there a monster outside?  Is John Goodman a monster inside?  Can they get out, will there be anyone left alive?  All will be revealed in about 2 hours. 

This is JJ Abrams second movie he produced with Cloverfield in the title, the original Cloverfield came out in 2008.  Story of a monster who was awoken by a satellite falling into the ocean, filmed with hand held cameras, pretty frightening movie.  This is not exactly a sequal, he claims there is “blood relations” , may be the start of a Cloverfield anthology. 

So we liked it, some profanity, no nudity, no sex or drugs.  Lots of unhinged John Goodman scenes, he rocks it.  Lots of explosions, things that go boom, sometimes when you least expect.  We’ll go with 3 bunkers, 3 out of 5 is good.  

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