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Sales without incentives!

Jonathan Hinshaw - Thursday, June 16, 2011
Thinking about how to sell HVAC equipment this summer, with a tough economy and vastly lowered government rebates:  we must increase the demand.  Happened to carrot sales a few years ago, they leveled off, then dropped off.  junk foods reign!

So a bunch of carrot farmers went to advertising agencies and listened as they told them how to increase sales.  

1. Advertise more, when is the last time you saw a carrot commercial?
2. Advertise them as health foods, a good thing.
3. Advertise more.

All except one.  When they got to Crispin Porter + Bogusky (you know, the group that invented the creepy Burger King King), they had a different message.  Re-brand carrots as a junk food.  here are a couple of commercials that they proposed, and a website to go along with it.  Started with a few Baby Carrot vending machines in Boulder High Schools, improved sales by a ton in that market.  They rolled out the baby carrots as a junk food, built a campaign around the benefits of that concept: easy to carry, easy to eat, you can dip them, eat a few, make a meal, see where we are going?  

So how do we sell out stuff this summer, the old fashioned way, by selling comfort.  And energy savings, IAQ, humidity control, lowered sound levels, lowered carbon footprint, even temperature, consistent temperature, all the things a new system can do, we have set aside many of these benefits for the tax credit.  

Here are the commercials and website, enjoy!  And practice your benefit statements to the consumer.

then go to the website:

So that is how baby carrots are back on the menu, they sold the benefits of them, just like we have to sell our products.  So get started.  
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