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Professional Email and You!

Mike Hinshaw - Monday, January 31, 2011

At SIP Training we feel very strongly about always maintaining a professional image which is why we advocate using a professional email account for dealing with your clients. If you already have a website and domain name then you most likely have the ability to setup a professional email address (ex. but you may still be using a free account through, AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, MSN etc.


There are many advantages of using professional company branded email accounts such as:

  • Branding, it is a proven fact that top of the mind awareness is king with customers. the more they see and identify a company the more likely they are to do business with that company.
  • Advertisements, when using free email services they include advertisements at the end of your messages. You are missing an opportunity to brand your own company, instead you are giving free advertising to your choice of email client.
  • Professionalism, Showing your customers that you take your business seriously and are making conscious decisions in how you will interact with them.

The last thing you want your customer to think is:

"This person is using their personal email, that must mean they haven’t been doing this for very long."

"If they haven’t been doing this for very long, their product or installation might be of a lesser quality than their competitor."

"If they are still using a personal email, this could mean they are not fully invested in their business."

We hear time and again from businesses excuses to continue using their Hotmail, Gmail, AOL or Yahoo account.

The most common objection we hear is:

 "I have had this account for years, all my clients have this address, if I change I will lose all those emails!"

NOT TRUE! all of these free email accounts have the ability to forward messages received on to another account, while some may charge a fee to add that service,  it's not even necessary to forward those emails on. You don't have to delete the free account. Just start using the new address and update your customers as you go. Jim still has an old AOL account active that has been around since the early 90's, he gets about 10 emails a month on it and just lets the contact know his new email address.

Objection #2: "All my contacts are in my free account."

All of the freebie accounts allow you to export your contacts as a .csv file. Which just happens to be the perfect format to import them into Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird or Mac Mail.

Objection #3: "I can't afford Outlook"

Almost all hosted email solutions will offer a webmail panel not to mention there are many free email clients just as nice as Microsoft's including their free Windows Live Mail program that replaced Outlook Express.

So after examining all of these aspects it's very hard to find a reason to continue using a free email client.

 What kind of message are you sending your clients when you interact with them?

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