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New Economy

Jonathan Hinshaw - Saturday, December 06, 2014
This is a new economy, we've never been here before. The old ways of advertising are not giving us the results we used to see, and the old ways of selling are not as successful as they used to be.

We used to say that you needed an appointment with the husband and wife, plan on two hours, tell them about your company, the products, and your credentials. Hard to get everyone together for 30 minutes, not even close to a couple of hours.

So today, sell the one that you are in front of, get the emotional connections, and sell a solution to their problem. If it is an indoor coil leak, sell them a new coil. Furnace problem, sell them a new furnace. Now if they have a 20 year old system sell them a new system. Just a lot harder today to get them to sit down for your 2 hour presentation. So plan accordingly!
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