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How To Sell Extended Warranties

Jonathan Hinshaw - Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Just read an article about warranties, it was written around the concept that longer warranties are not good for consumers (they get hammered with high labor charges to install them warranty parts), not good for dealers (they don’t get paid markup on parts), and maybe the manufacturer puts parts into a system that should be replaced.  Not good for anyone.   More

Angelfish or Pufferfish

Jonathan Hinshaw - Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Our pastor just did a sermon where he asked the question, Angelfish or Pufferfish, which are you?  Way back in the day, we bought an aquarium.  No idea about what to put in the fish tank, we asked around.  Almost everyone who had ever had a tank said the same thing: Angelfish make great aquarium inhabitants.  They are gentle, not aggressive, don’t fight amongst themselves, and as a bonus, pretty to look at.  So we bought some.   More