Seminars and Program Portfolio

Sales Improvement Professionals Inc. offers a wide variety of sales programs, business classes, and fantastic selling systems. Below is a list of our most popular seminars & programs. To Download a PDF document outlining a course simply click on it title, for more information please contact us today.

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Solar Success System

  • Solar is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet, not only an opportunity to make some money, but help save the planet as well. There are many different reasons that a consumers make the decision to go to solar, you must discover what their dominant buying motive is. It may be different than what you and I think. We also look at the 4 personality types, how to spot them, how they make decisions, how to sell them.

SCT: Selling Comfort Today

  • Selling comfort today formula for anyone who talks to today’s customer about being more comfortable in their home.

Success Starts with V.A.L.U.E.®

  • Shows techs who hate selling how to skyrocket customer satisfaction and profits

How to Make the Register Ring!

  • Mandatory for anyone who deals with today's consumers

TMT: Territory Manager Transformation

  • E‐mail and request our free Special Report, Are Wholesale Reps an Endangered Species?

MAP: Maintenance Agreement Program

  • A must for any service firm that plans to be in business in the next three years!

Advanced Selling Comfort Today

  • Learn the psychological reason people will go out of their way to buy from you today.

NIKA: We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

  • How to generate all the leads you’ll ever need - Without good leads forget about selling.

Basic Business Boot Camp

  • The title says it all...

Inside Sales Team Training

  • Inside sales team has more contact with customers but less training than anyone else in the company.

NC2R: New Construction to Replacement Market

  • How to move from the New Construction Arena to the profitable Replacement Market!

CSS: Commercial Selling System

  • The Commercial Selling System starts with the available market for replacement commercial equipment (huge!), moves to how to sell the new equipment using a complete 20+ page proposal, ROI, available tax credits: everything needed to take the building owners and tenants from unhappy with current systems to thrilled with new. All at affordable leasing rates.

BOSS: Business Owner Support System

  • Making customers happy gets harder every day. Happy, satisfied customers do business with us again and tell those they know to call us when they have a need for heat or cooling service or replacement. To be successful today, you, the front line who run the show, must know what drives the customer to our doors and how to help them with their needs.

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